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H-abc Research Symposium

  • Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (map)

Friday October 26, 2018. Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Closed meeting to discuss research status and plans for the next year with our research partners.


The Leukodystrophy Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is excited to announce the 2018 Conference on Clinical Development in H-ABC and TUBB4A-related Leukodystrophies. Building on existing translational research platforms, this meeting seeks to define clinical outcome measures and lay the groundwork for disease-specific clinical development models to enable more rapid assessment of novel therapeutic agents in the future.

This closed-door event, organized in collaboration with the Global Leukodystrophy Initiative (GLIA) and generously supported by the Foundation to Fight H-ABC, will take place on Friday, Oct. 26, at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Speakers will also be invited to attend a public lecture series on Saturday, Oct. 27, where recent advances in research and clinical management will be presented with patients and families. A networking event is planned as well.