Its been a long summer indoors while recovering from surgery, but we are now heading for in patient intensive rehab.  This weekend we had a very successful car wash fundraiser at our church.  The turnout from the community and the church was heartwarming.  What a great community we live in.    Click on the pictures to scroll.


Elouise had hip surgery on July 13 and is doing remarkably well.  She will be bed bound until end of August.  One of the side effects of H-ABC is orthopedic related, in her case, her hip was partially displaced.  All is well now and working on PT.

June 10 fundraising event

We had a hugely successful fundraiser on June 10 within our community, we raised over $35,000.  Our event involved golf, tennis followed by an evening gathering with a live band.  Thank you to all of our Manor Country Club friends,  members and residents for your help and donations. 

See below for a video and photos of the event: 



We were told by orthopedic doctor that Elouise will need to undergo hip surgery to realign her left hip joint. Will likely need to schedule during summer break.  Our hope is this will help her regain alignment to assist us with helping her to walk, but also to avoid further imbalance in her posture. 


My little girl prayed last night by herself for the first time.  She clasped her hands together, bowed her head and said with her broken speech, "Dear God, please let me walk, in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen."  She said it three times...